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ABC Company employs a periodic inventory system and sells its inventory to customers for $25 per unit. ABC Company had the following inventory information available for the month of May: May 1 Beginning inventory 2,000 units @ $15 cost per unit May 8 Sold 1,700 units May 13 Purchased 1,500 units @ $12 cost per unit May 18 Sold 1,600 units May 21 Purchased 1,000 units @ $18 cost per unit May 28 Sold 300 units May 30 Purchased 500 units @ $10 cost per unit During May, ABC Company reported operating expenses of $7,000 and had an income tax rate of 30%. Calculate the amount of income tax expense shown on ABS Company's income statement for May using the LIFO method. Do not use decimals in your answer.

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