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Colette Lake has a surface area of 103 ha and a mean depth of 8 m. The pH of the water is 7.6. The lake receives surface water from a lake upstream, rainfall, and diffuse groundwater input. Atmospheric inorganic N deposition is insignificant. Contaminated groundwater is the major source of inorganic N in the lake. During April, 62 mm of rainfall fell on Colette Lake. During the same month, 4.2 x 10^6 m^3 of groundwater having an inorganic N concentration of 8.4 mg/L flows into the lake at a rate of 21.00 m^3/s. The sedimentation rate for inorganic N was measured as 49 mg N/m^2*days. A river drains into the lake at a rate of 22.64 m^3/s. there are no other sources of water into or out of the lake. Calculate the steady state concentration of inorganic N into the lake.

Reference no: EM13304584

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