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This Program will Generate a table showing the projected population growth over the next 10 years. Inputs: Allow the user to enter in 2 numbers that represent the current population, and a growth rate. Output: Your program should output two things: 1. A table of the projected population for the next ten years 2.A projection of how many years it will take for a population to get to 1 million people. Tips: You will need 2 different loops to do this program The first loop you can use to print out 10 years of data. So use FOR loop that runs 10 times, and each time through the loop increase the population by the rate entered. Inside the loop print out a year and the current population. The second loop will need to calculate population increase until (so do a do/ until, or a do/ while loop) the population gets to 1 million (or more) and count how many times the loop ran. The output then would be that count. You will want to use 2 variables, one for the index of the for loop ( and the counter in the do loop) and the other variable to keep track of your "current" population.

Reference no: EM13219822

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