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The motel has 70 rooms and usually rents out in the following proportions. 45% of 70 rooms are singles sold at $60 per night 35% of 70 rooms are doubles sold at $74 per night 20% of 70 rooms are triples sold at $ 90 per night The motel has annual fixed costs of $445,000 and variable costs averages $14 per room occupied. a. Calculate motel's breakeven level of occupancy? b. Calculate the occupancy percentage that will provide operating income (before tax) of $65,000 a year? c. Calculate the occupancy percentage necessary to provide an operating income (before tax) of $65,000, if the average room rate were decreased by 20%. d. Calculate the occupancy percentage necessary to provide an operating income (before tax) of $65,000, assuming the average room rate will increase by 10%. Variable cost per unit sold will increase to $16.00 and $30,000 per year will be spent on advertising.

Reference no: EM132233895

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