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Meyers Corp. has annual revenues of $450,000, an average contribution margin ratio of 35%, and fixed expenses of $175,000. If 15,000 units of the new product could be sold at a price of $16.00 per unit, and the company's other business did not change, calculate Meyers's total operating income and average contribution margin ratio.

Reference no: EM131105152

Volatility in stock markets all over the world

The price variation in crude oil impacts the sentiments and hence the volatility in stock markets all over the world. The world equilibrium price of gasoline fluctuates prim

Illustrate what is your evaluation of her behaviour

You are also aware that sometimes when you and the other project members are slaving away over the project, she is playing golf with senior managers. Illustrate what is your

Information about marketing communication plan

You need to compile and justify the following information about your marketing communication plan. This is an academic report and you need to support your ideas with relevan

Conduct a brief swott analysis based on the new changes

Read the article on these changes, and conduct a brief SWOTT analysis based on these new changes that includes an argument for the success of the strategies that a fast-food f

Describe the main issues facing managers

Explain key concepts, theories and factors that influence behaviour in the TBWA organisation and relate individual differences in perception, learning, communication and attit

Issue would be an interesting one to pursue

The underlying purpose of research is to learn ways to solve problems and contribute to the body of literature. Therefore, research proposals should explore new issues or ne

Robert nardelli leadership style

Clearly describe Robert Nardelli's leadership style in terms of Leadership Theory, incorporating the following theories within your paper:

Calculate net working capital and cash conversion cycle

Calculate the net working capital and the cash conversion cycle, discussed in Section 19.2, for each firm. By how much would the investment in working capital fall if each f


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