Calculate marginal tax rate and taxable income
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Question: Salary $22,000.00 Corporate Bonds $2,000.00 Muni Bonds $10,000.00 Ordinary Dividends $3,000.00 Qualified Dividends $3,000.00 ST Capital Gain $150.00 LT Capital Loss $1,500.00 Independent Contractor Net Income $17,500.00 Child Support Paid $3,000.00 Medical Expenses $700.00 Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses $500.00 Charitable Contributions $1,750.00 Alimony Paid $4,000.00 Dental Expenses $2,500.00 Self Employment Taxes (100%) $2,473.00 Real Estate Taxes $800.00 Mortgage Interest $1,450.00 Filing Status HOH Dependents 3 Withholding $8,000.00 Non-Refundable Credits $2,500.00 Calculate: Blank 1 Gross Income Blank 2 Adjusted Gross Income Blank3 Taxable Income Blank 4 Income Tax Liability Blank 5 Tax Due/(Refund) Blank 6 Marginal Tax Rate Blank 7 Average Tax Rate Blank 8 Effective Tax Rate.

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