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Consider a perfectly competitive, profit-max firm that sells its output for $10 each and produces and sells 925 units. Its total variable costs are $4000 and its total fixed costs are $3600. Calculate its accounting profit.

Reference no: EM131101677

Move the market towards monopolistic competition

Keeping with this discussion, an understanding of market power and its impact on price and quantity are important. Market power is important in determining when a firm has mon

What is the equation for the average variable cost

Bob’s Whole Catfish is a southern Alabama farm that operates in the perfectly competitive catfish farming industry. Bob’s short-run total cost curve is STC(Q)=400+2Q+0.5Q2 whe

Show the total and marginal products

Show the total and marginal products and indicate at each level of production whether the production function exhibits increasing, constant, or diminishing marginal productivi

Considering the purchase of new three-dimensional

A movie theatre is considering the purchase of a new three-dimensional (3D) digital projection system. The new ticket price for a 3D movie will be $15 per person, which is $2.

Who needs to buy insurance the most

Bob and Terri each make $40,000 per year and have $5,000 cash in the bank. Bob has a risk of loss of $2,000 (30%), $3,000 (30%) and $0 (50%). Terri has a risk of loss of $300

How many people should he employ to maximize profit

The owner of small firm believes the production function is given by: How many people should he employ to maximize profit? What will be the firm’s hourly profit?

Create vital opportunities and threats for organizations

According to Michael Porter, what are the five competitive forces that create vital opportunities and threats for organizations? Which force do you feel is most important in t

What are the marginal tax rates faced by the two families

Suppose the income tax rate is 10 percent on the first $10,000; 10 percent on the next $20,000; 20 percent on the next $20,000; 30 percent on the next $20,000; and 40 percent


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