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A unit of enzyme activity is usually defined as the amount of enzyme converting 1µmol of substrate per minute under optimum conditions. If the reaction cuvette had a volume of 1mL, calculate how many enzyme units were present in 10µL of enzyme extract. Show your working Vo= 52 microM/min.

Reference no: EM13148872

Species in the extinct genus of lystrosaurus

There are at least a dozen known species in the extinct genus of Lystrosaurus . If each species was suited to quitedifferent environments, then this relatively large number

Bacterial strain lac operon genotypes

Fill in the blanks in the “lactose absent” and “lactose present” columns in this table. (+) means significant levels of active ß-galactosidase enzyme can be detected. (–) me

Difference between monoecy and dioecy

Assume 2-students are doing a poster on the Amazon Water Lily for a class project and have compiled research to determine if it is in actuality a land plant or an algae. Discu

Examine the neuromuscular interactions

Examine the neuromuscular interactions that are responsible for this situation. How do the nerves, muscles, bones, and joints interact in making this hand sign in a way that

Why do skeleton making mesoderm cells

Why do skeleton making mesoderm cells (paraxial mesoderm) tightly control levels of cadherin, first up-regulating cadherin and then down-regulating cadherin during the first

Window into the psychology of children

How is a documentary like "Waiting for Superman" a window into the psychology of children? Although this is a film mostly about the public education system in this country,

Draft a section to forge consensus within u.s. government

Draft a section to forge consensus within the U.S. Government interagency to garner financial support on Capitol Hill. How do you propose putting this case study and analysi

Differentiate between genetics and genomics

Differentiate between genetics and genomics. Articulate how nurses can be involved in policy making in the field of genomics. How can research in the field be tied to practi


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