Calculate both the percentage appreciation of the currency

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One month ago, the Mexican peso (Ps) - U.S. dollar exchange rate was Ps9.0395/$ ($0.1107/Ps). This month, the exchange rate is Ps9.4805/$ ($0.1055/Ps). State which currency appreciated and which depreciated over the last month, and then calculate both the percentage appreciation of the currency that rose in value and the percentage depreciation of the currency that declined in value.

Reference no: EM131289964

Calculate dollar discount and purchase price on this t-bill

Rework parts (a), (b), and (c) assuming the T-bill was selling at a 3.0 percent discount. What effect does this drop of 25 basis points in the T-bill discount have on its BE

Calculate the firm’s effective borrowing rate

If the prime rate is assumed constant at 4.25 percent during the term of the loan and Matthews' average loan outstanding during the year is $5.0 million, calculate the firm'

Define a multinational corporation

Define a multinational corporation (MNC). What additional factors must be considered by the manager of an MNC that a manager of a purely domestic firm is not forced to face?

Eliminate its exchange rate exposure

A manager in the U.S. firm reasons that because the dollar buys fewer yen on the forward market than it does on the spot market, the firm should not enter a forward hedge to

Obtain an expression that relates the drain diameter d

It is desired to use a 0.75-m diameter beach ball to stop a drain in a swimming pool. Obtain an expression that relates the drain diameter D and the minimum water depth h fo

Determine the cable tension

The circular gate ABC has a 1 m radius and is hinged at B. Neglecting atmospheric pressure, determine the force P just sufficient to keep the gate from opening when h = 12 m

Determine the magnitude and location of the force

The float in a toilet tank is a sphere of radius R and is made of a material with ρ. An upward buoyant force F is required to shut the ballcock valve. The density of water i

Find the diameter of the glass tube

At 60°C the surface tension of water is 0.0662 N/m and that of mercury is 0.47 N/m. Determine the capillary height changes in these two fluids when they are in contact with


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