Calculate afn, when the company utilizes 100 % of capacity

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Pep Bottle's December 31st balance sheet is given below:

Cash $ 10 Accounts payable $ 15
Accounts receivable 25 Notes payable 20
Inventory 40 Accrued wages and taxes 15
Net fixed assets 75 Long-term debt 30
Common equity 70
Total liabilities
Total assets $150 and equity $150

Sales during the past year were $100, and they are expected to rise by 50 percent to $150 during next year. Also, during last year fixed assets were being utilized to only 85 percent of capacity, so company could have supported $100 of sales with fixed assets that were only 85 percent of last year's actual fixed assets. Assume that Pep Bottle's profit margin will remain constant at 5 percent and that the company will continue to pay out 60 percent of its earnings as dividends. To the nearest whole dollar, what amount of nonspontaneous, additional funds (AFN) will be needed during the next year (10 points)?

a. Calculate AFN, when the company utilizes 100 % of capacity.
b. Calculate AFN, when the company utilizes 85% of capacity. 

Reference no: EM13153629

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