Calculate aeration basin size and the wate sludge rate

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A completely mixed activated-sludge plan is being designed for a wastewater flow of 3.0 mgd. The BOD of 225 mg/l is 200 mg/l soluble. The effluent soluble BOD requirement is 7 mg/l (70 percent of the total 10 mg/l). For sizing, the mean cell residence time is to be 8 days at an MLSS of 2500 mg/l. Laboratory analysis resulted in Y=0.6 lb VSS/lb BOD, Kd=0.06 per day, K=5.0 per day, and Ks=60 mg/l. Calculate the aeration basin size (use a saftely factor of two times larger than waht is calculated) and he wate sludge rate.

Reference no: EM13299335

Prepare two lists of instrument settings

Some total station settings can be entered once and then are seldom changed, while other settings must be changed each time the instrument is set up. Prepare two lists of in

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Over a 100-mi^2 surface area, the average level of the water table for an unconfined aquifer has dropped 10 ft due to the removal of 128000 acre*ft of water from the aquifer

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A storage pile of crushed rock is 100ft by 100ft square at its base and 50 ft by 50 ft square on the top. The pile is 25 ft high. What is the volume of rock in the rock pile

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How do you determine the correct number of significant figures to use for each distance measurement? Be specific.(pacing,EDm, GPS and tape), Which measurement method would yo

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The velocity of propagation, c of surface waves is assumed to depend on the water depth, y, the water density, and the acceleration due to gravity, g. Express these variable

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This causes the student to begin to rotate. Find the student's final angular velocity. The moments of inertia of the wheel and of the student are 0.313 kg · m2 and 2.09 kg ·

Determine the maximum value of pmax

The pin has a diameter of d = 0.375 in., and each side of the pulley support bracket has a thickness of t = 0.1875 in. The average shear stress in the pin cannot exceed 45 k

Spreader beam and hoisted by a crane

The 3.5mg engine is suspended from a 500 kg spreader beam and hoisted by a crane which gives it an acceleration of 4m/s^2 when it has a velocity of 2m/s. determine the force


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