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Write a program to calculate a person's net pay after subtracting federal income tax. The program should ask the user to enter the person's name, social security number, gross pay, and the number of dependents. The program should first de- termine the tax rate according to the following schedule.

Weekly Income Tax Rate
0.00-300.00 0.085
300.01-500.00 0.120
500.01-1000.00 0.185
1000.01 and over 0.220

Use a function Tax_Rate() to determine the schedule. Pass the gross pay to Tax_Rate() and have the function return the rate. Next, use the function Calc_Fed_Tax() to calculate the federal tax. The first ar- gument should be the address of the gross income. The second argument should be the address of the tax rate (as returned by Tax_Rate()). The third argument should be the address of the number of dependents. The amount of the federal tax should be returned in the target of the fourth argument. Finally, the program should calculate the net pay by subtracting the federal tax from the gross income. The program should display the person's name, social se- curity number, gross pay, number of dependents, federal tax, and net pay.

Reference no: EM131191238

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