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CAE 432 Project 

This project concerns design of a one-story parking garage in a 90x120-foot land in a North Chicago suburb (Cook County).  Cars will be using both the ground level and the roof. The suggested design for the roof is a series of simply-supported girders on brackets (which are attached to columns).  Secondary members are in the form of pre-fabricated T-section joists.   A shear wall system is considered for the wind load effects (note: because of the shear walls, your design will be only for DL and LL). 

 As a minimum, the following tasks are required:

1.      Develop a schematic design for the facility.  Include the locations of columns and show girders with a few cross sections (that will also show single footings for columns).

2.      Conduct a preliminary design and identify all loads (DL and LL).  Decide on the type of materials to be used.

3.      Design a typical girder.

4.      Design a typical column.

5.      Design a typical bracket.

6.      Design a typical footing

7.      Prepare detail drawings for the beam, column and footing you designed. 

Bonus points:  Additional points will be given for the design of the T-section joists and design of a typical foundation. 

Your calculation sheets must be clear and written on suggested calculation sheets.  Include a section in your report (up-front) for the specifications summarizing material properties, pertinent codes and specifications, assumptions made, etc.  Also include a critique, at the end of your report, summarizing what you found as areas that perhaps more work would have been needed and/or design should have been done differently. 

Grading will be based on:

1.      Completeness of the tasks requested.

2.      Correctness of calculations.

3.      Reasonableness of your design.

4.      Presentation of your project (as your final report).


5.      Professionalism in preparing your calculation sheets and drawings.

Reference no: EM13851003

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