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Your company, a small start-up corporation, buys raw materials from Regina Fabrics on credit. Because her company has had several problems over the recent months, Regina demands either full payment in advance or a guaranty from someone with proof of assets to cover the debt. Your company does not have the cash on hand but you have sufficient assets to cover the debt and so you sign a guaranty on a six-month loan for the fabric. After two months, your company has the cash to pay off the loan and your financial officer offers to pay Regina. Because of some issues with her company, she refuses to accept payment and requests that you continue to pay the monthly payments. A month later your company is now short on cash and Regina comes to you as the guaranty and requests that you make the payment. You are unhappy that she didn’t accept the payment when you had the cash. Evaluate whether or not you should have to pay as the guaranty.

Reference no: EM132183969

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