Busy gathering financial information for her business plan

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Annette Tosca is planning to launch a retail gift store and has been busy gathering financial information for her business plan. If Annette knows that the net profit margin for the typical gift store is 6.3 percent, what sales level must she achieve to reach her target net income of $28,000?

Reference no: EM13319842

Marsha warren-class is failing

Describe why this class is failing, with support from the course text and/or a scholarly source from the online library. Make two recommendations that Marsha Warren should do

Political problem associated with the act

Examination of either the Clean Air Act or the Clean Water Act - Describe the major provisions of and amendments to the act and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the act i

How a nurse could implement these three nursing philosophies

Complete a KWHL chart (see p.5 of this document for the legend and specific instructions) specifically for Mr Taylor -Provide quality definitions for each of the following thr

Terrorist organization-domestic terrorist organization

In the reading the questions that come up is Why They Hate? After very good discussion last week I want you to pick one (1) International Terrorist Organization and one (1)

How is this related to achieving the good life

What implications does the statement "Know thyself" have, along with other ideas of Socrates and Plato, for the process of human change?How is this related to achieving the

Identify the concept of mandatory reporting

Describe the purpose of the abuse regulation,Identify the concept of mandatory reporting within the regulation,methods that healthcare organizations must observe for complianc

Every day we hear and read about the economy

Every day we hear and read about the economy on the radio, on television, in the newspaper, on the Web, and in magazines. This assignment is to evaluate what an article or new

Dominion of one government

He has linked their rivers with the great Mississippi, and marked and united the whole for the dominion of one government, the residence of one people." This quotation from


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