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Read the following narrative, then answer the question that follows: Smith Inc. designs and produces custom print jobs for businesses and consumers and sells them on a "made-to-order" basis. When print jobs are finished, factory personnel send the completed sales orders and print jobs over to the shipping department. A shipping clerk records the sales order number into the computer in the shipping department. The computer retrieves the sales order from the sales order master data and displays the open sales order on the shipping clerk's computer screen. The shipping clerk verifies that the correct sales order has been displayed. She then types the item quantities for each item being shipped. After she is through typing, she reviews the data and, if correct, accepts the input. At this point, the computer updates the sales order master data to show that the order has been completed (i.e., closes the sales order). In addition, an invoice is created automatically by the computer, and the accounts receivable master data is updated. Invoices are also printed at this time in the billing office and distributed to the appropriate parties. Question: Identify 3 control plans that are present in the above narrative and for each of the 3 plans you mention, also mention which INPUT control goals are met. Do NOT write explanations of the control plans or why they meet the goals you have chosen.

Reference no: EM131129167

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