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1. A proposal to a foundation usually does not include:

Statement of need

Executive summary


An analysis of all service providers

2. Clean Air Partners looked at membership as an opportunity to do all of the following EXCEPT which one?

Act as a relationship-building tool

Subsidize other operations

Increase number of advocates

Provide training ground

3. The following are reasons why small business owners prefer forming a proprietorship except:

A- Is simple to enter, operate and terminate

B- Provides freedom of action and control

C- Has a favorable tax status and is taxed at the owner's personal tax rate

D- Has the easiest paperwork to complete the business formation

4. What specific item should the owner be aware of regarding the profits and the businesses capital structure when selling the business?

A- Taxes

B- Profit sharing

C- Retirement

D- Legal structure of the business

E- Competitors

Reference no: EM132233945

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