Businesses can be operated in numerous formats

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Businesses can be operated in numerous formats. The older, more traditional formats include operating a business as a sole proprietorship, as a partnership, or as a corporation. The relatively newer formats are the Limited Liability Company and/or Limited Liability Partnership. If you were to start a business for yourself, tell us what your business would be and what format you'd choose, and why?

Reference no: EM132233776

Explain why employee training is important

Explain the purpose of background investigations. What is PERT and 3-Point Estimate? Explain why employee training is important? Also discuss Why career development is valuabl

Role and responsibilities of disaster participants

You serve as a volunteer emergency manager in a small, rural community in Alaska. Your town has been adversely affected by a major winter snow storm – one that has shattered a

Calculate the bottleneck rate-rb and the raw process time

Consider a CONWIP flow line with 3 stations in series (1à 2 à 3); each station consists of one machine and every unit has to flow through all three stations before it is compl

Average does agent work for this call center

A call center employs 960 agents. Every month 60 employees leave the company and 60 new employees are hired. a. How long on average does an agent work for this call center?

Contributed to the decline of union membership

Discuss three changes employers have implemented that have contributed to the decline of union membership. Identify the change you recommend as most important for employers to

Report wizard layout type

Which of the following is not a step in designing a report? Which of the following is NOT a Report Wizard Layout type? Which report section would be used to summarize grouped

Member of group might accumulate idiosyncrasy credits

Please explain how a member of a group might accumulate idiosyncrasy credits and the role that these credits play in the emergence of a leader. Please discuss the role played

Determine the freezing point depression

The freezing point of 20.024 grams of distilled water was determined by recording a thermo gram. 1.006g of an unknown, no electrolyte compound was added to the water also a


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