Businesses benefit from being ecologically conscious

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Answer the following questions. Be sure to define any key terms in each question or your answer and give specific examples of how these terms/concepts affect various stakeholders. Feel free to use the examples and case studies from class. 1. Methods, effects, and value of business accumulating vast amounts of personal data about their customers and potential customers 2. Should there be legal limits on the amount of money an individual, a corporation, or a labor union can contribute to the political campaigns of candidates for public office? Present arguments for your position, recognizing the strongest arguments of those who disagree. 3. Consider the following statement: “A CEO who rejects political involvement by the corporation he leads might well be accused of violating his fiduciary duties to shareholders, and his ethical duties to other corporate stakeholders, by foregoing vital opportunities legally and ethically available.” Provide arguments and concrete examples in support of this statement. 4. What are the five core rights of consumers? Explain and give examples 5. How can companies can target their corporate contributions strategically; use detailed example. 7. What is an Ecologically Sustainable Organization and how might businesses benefit from being ecologically conscious?

Reference no: EM131133903

Case analysis-societe generale

Case analysis: Societe Generale (A): The Jerome Kerviel Affair Knowing how to analyze a case will help you attack virtually any business problem. A case study helps you learn

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Describe in detail the theories associated with the process of change. Give examples of each. Define learning organization and explain its advantage and major obstacle. Give e

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A company’s holding cost is 16% per year. Its annual inventory turns are 9.5. The company buys an item for $50. What is the average cost ($s), to hold this item in inventory (

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Recent globalization has significantly changed the tastes and consumer behavior of individuals across the globe. More particularly "Westernization" is a common phenomenon. How

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The locations of centers 1 and 3 are assigned as shown in the accompanying diagram. Assuming transportation costs are $ 1 per load per meter develop a suitable layout that m

Employees affected by incompetent leaders

Identify a person that you consider to be a leader. What type of leadership does this person use to accomplish their goals (cite specific examples)? How can you use this same

Increase revenues and enhance customer service

Describe how your company or department [Financial services -Insurance for example] could (not does!) take advantage of advances in wireless, mobile, and/or GPS based technolo

Organization restructuring

For almost the past two years we have seen many organizations "shed" workers; some as a last resort, some as a first step for sustaining economic viability. Reviewing our mate


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