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1.   List two reasons that business skills are useful and increasingly required.

2.   What are two factors that influence the business skills and knowledge required for a service desk job?

3.   Describe three ways that people can learn business skills.

4.   Individuals who want to advance in the support industry must move from knowing how to __________ technology to how to __________ technology to achieve business goals.

5.   What is IT and business alignment?

6.   List the four most common data categories captured by service desks.

7.   How are customer records linked to incident records?

8.   Describe two ways that customer data are used.

9.   Describe two ways that incident data are used.

10. Describe two ways that status data are used.

11. Describe two ways that resolution data are used.

12. Define the term trend analysis.

13. Trends can be positive or __________.

14. Why is it important to eliminate the root cause of problems?

15. What is a budget?

16. True or False. Quality is a tangible characteristic.

17. Why are intangible characteristics difficult to measure?

18. Why is having a balanced set of goals important?

19. How do you calculate an hourly rate from an annual salary?

20. Define the term cost per contact.

21. What are three benefits of having a clearly stated objective when designing and making presentations?

22. What do you need to know about your audience when designing and making presentations?

23. True or False. Rehearsing a presentation involves memorizing every word you want to say.

24. What are two ways to handle questions when making a presentation?

25. True or False. Understanding how to do something is the same as actually doing it.

26. What is a business case?

27. List five elements that all projects share regardless of their size.

28. What is scope creep?

29. What are two of the project manager's most important responsibilities?

30. What is a cost benefit analysis?

31. A cost benefit analysis answers what two questions?

32. The key to whether a solution is worth the cost lies in __________.

33. Define the term ROI.

34. ROI answers what two questions?

Reference no: EM131045511

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