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Jason Trevor owns a commercial bakery in Blakely, Georgia, that produces a variety of goods sold in grocery stores. Trevor is required by law to perform internal tests on food produced at his plant to check for contamination. On three occasions, the tests of food products containing peanut butter were positive for salmonella contamination. However, Trevor was not required to report the results to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, so he did not. Instead, Trevor instructed his employees to simply repeat the tests until the results were negative. Meanwhile, the products that had originally tested positive for salmonella were shipped out to retailers. Five people who ate Trevor's baked goods that year became seriously ill, and one person died from a salmonella infection. Even though Trevor's conduct was legal, was it ethical for him to sell goods that had once tested positive for salmonella? If Trevor has used Leonard H. Bucklin's "Business Process Pragmatism," outlined in our text, for making ethical business decisions, would he have made the same decision? Do you agree with his decision, or do you think another decision would have been better. Discuss in your essay whether he made the right decision and why. Refer to Bucklin's Process and be sure to include in your answer a discussion of stakeholders-who are they and how are they affected?

Reference no: EM13105869

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