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Read an article in the business press about a major action taken by a corporation. You can start with Bloomberg Businessweek, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Fortune Magazine, The Economist or Harvard Business Review, to name a few. Introduce the article; explain what the article entails and how it relates to the topics in this week’s readings. Share the source. Share your thoughts on what the major issues are and how the company can fix/eliminate the issues or capitalize on the opportunities. If a class peer has already selected a particular article and or company you are required to select a different article and company to discuss.

Reference no: EM132183779

Ethical environment of business-antitrust and monopoly

Ethical Environment of Business: Antitrust & Monopoly. Use academic or legitimate news sources, such as The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MS

Advise management on the different contract types available

OPERATIONS AND INNOVATIONS MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT. Advise management on the different contract types available, based on the closeness of the relationship with the suppliers

What is cross-tabulation segmentation technique

What is Cross-tabulation Segmentation Technique?. Give an example from any business or product you are familiarity with and use the technique to develop your marketing segment

Common security risks associated with mobile computing

As capabilities and functionality are added to devices, the differences between PC, e-reader, smartphone, and PDA gets blurred. We rely on current trends in terminology and ca

What is the utilization of the clerk

A rural post office has one clerk servicing the office. Demand is about 11 customers per hour during lunch hour (ca = 1) and the time it takes to serve a customer is about 5 m

External factors are more important than internal factors

The drop in gas prices benefited thousands of firms. Does the fact confirm that "external factors are more important than internal factors" in strategic planning? Discuss.

What is the break-even volume per evening performance

As manager of the St. Cloud Theatre Company, you have decided that concession sales will support themselves. The following table provides the information you have been able

What is the difference if you use three month moving average

A historical demand (observation) of paper sales in cases is: January, 45; February, 40; March, 35; April, 50; and May, 55. Using a two month moving average, what is the forec


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