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Business help: Managing Organizational Change

Can you help with the following questions:

- How has the need for organizational change consulting been impacted by technology?

- How has the process of organizational change been impacted by technology?

- Do you see these changes as positive or negative? Explain.

- What specific types of software are used during the organizational-change process?

- Predict how technology will continue to shape the area of organizational change management.

Reference no: EM1349070

How the cited work relates to your given explanation

How the cited work relates to your above explanation AND how it relates specifically to international trade, investment theory, global financial markets, and the monetary sy

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In an article entitled Voice of Courage by Jonathan Alter, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's ability to move the nation forward out of the Depression was discussed.

A tech company that does consumer electronics

I am Abe Gong. I work at a tech company that does consumer electronics. I am a data scientist. So, I combine software engineering with statistics and math to build better prod


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