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Your company is considering using the payback period for capital-budgeting. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this technique.
Your company is considering the construction of a new building. The building will have an initial cash outlay of $7 million, and will produce cash flows of $3 million at the end of year 1, $4 million at the end of year 2, and $2 million at the end of years 3 through 5. What is the internal rate of return on this new building? Would you recommend the company proceed with the construction? Why or why not?

Your company is considering two mutually-exclusive projects. Both require an initial outlay of $10,000 and will operate for 5 years. Project A will produce expected cash flows of $5,000 per year for years 1 through 5, whereas project B will produce expected cash flows of $6,000 per year for years 1 through 5. Because project B is the riskier of the two projects, management has decided to apply a required rate of return of 15 percent to its evaluation but only a 12 percent required rate of return to project A. Discuss each project's risk-adjusted net present value.

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