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Business communication

Step 1: Make a power point presentation discussing the 5 most important things you learned this semester that will help you to communicate better in business. Explain why you feel this will help you in business. Discuss how this may have changed your previous opinion, attitude, or performance in the workforce. This should consist of at least 7 slides (Intro and conclusion).

Step 2: Write out your speech as if you were presenting the power point to the class. Your speech should include more details than what is presented on each slide.

Reference no: EM131366806

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The Critical Analysis questions are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, develop an increased ability to apply what you have learned and i

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Formulate a linear programming solution to be used to determine what the composition of a can of dog food should be to meet the various requirements at the minimum cost.

Society for mental health policy and services

Proposal Overview. This 1-2 page section introduces the proposed new health policy. Include your problem statement and lay out the background behind the problem. This section


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