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1. How does air cargo differ from the passenger business in terms of revenue management? Which areas are more complex, and which can be managed more easily?

2. What is the purpose of selling long-tem capacity contracts? Does Lufthansa Cargo effectively reach its business and risk-sharing objectives?

3. How could current reservation and pricing practices be improved? How does the introduction of dynamic pricing effect capacity buyers?

Reference no: EM131133355

Describe the main components of social entrepreneurship

Describe the main components of social entrepreneurship and describe how social entrepreneurship differs from commercial entrepreneurship. Please give an example of organizati

Economic order quantity and annual holding cost

The weekly requirement of a part is 5910 units. The order cost is $260 per order. The holding cost is $11 per unit per year, and the part cost is $850 per unit. The firm opera

Starting program to develop complex technical system

Your company has just starting a program to develop a complex technical system. It is envisioned that the new system may consist of 5 major segments (next level down from syst

About the purpose or philosophy behind sentencing

Judge Even Hand is considering what sentence to impose against Slick Martin after he was convicted by a jury for robbery. During a discussion with his law clerk, the clerk ask

Strategy in healthcare is all about making the best choices

Strategy in healthcare is all about making the best choices for our healthcare organizations, looking several years into the future. What are the common characteristics of cho

When production capacity can be added in small increments

Rivalry tends to be high when there are few firms in an industry and these firms tend to be unequal in size, the industry growth rate is high, firms are unable to differentiat

Discuss the four modes of knowledge conversion

Discuss the 4 modes of knowledge conversion. What processes provide the basis for gaining a competitive advantage through knowledge? What is the main point of managing a talen

Strategic analysis and situation analysis

Situation analysis. This will provide the background information for the sales presentation. It includes research findings About the company, customer, product, competition, m


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