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Business and professional ethics: suppose you get a new job after college, and you are managing the account for an important client who asks for several free “samples” of products every time he orders a shipment. You work for a large, wholesale company that has strict rules about samples being for new customers only. The value of these samples creates a significant discount for this client. Your supervisor encourages you to continue giving the client free samples; if he loses this long-standing privilege, he is likely to take his business elsewhere. However, continuing this practice means you would have to falsify paperwork to your corporate headquarters, requesting free samples for new customers which are in fact going to a repeat customer. You worry that this is an unethical practice and that falsifying the paperwork could get you in trouble later in your career. What would you do, and why? (Note: there is no right answer; please carefully consider your reasons.

Reference no: EM13969482

Explain the five phases of the project

Create an analysis and recommendation in which you address the following:Explain the five phases of the project. Provide a detailed description of each phase.Describe the key

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A contemporary challenge for business, managers, and employees is achieving exceptional levels of quality in the production and delivery of goods and services. To serve this g

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What is a tort. Briefly discuss the elements of "SINN". What is sexual harassment. What is the difference between quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment harassment

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In the operation of a certain production machine, one worker is required at a direct labor rate = $10 per hour. Applicable labor factory overhead rate = 50%. Capital investmen

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Care was taken to operate a metal casting process so that no assignable causes in variation were introduced, and randomly selected castings were weighed. The target weight of

Four-page analysis of the techniques

Develop a three- to four-page analysis of the techniques Dr. Kallman has identified for managing risks. In this analysis, compare Dr.Kallman's techniques to the techniques r

The taxpayermet that supports government

Family caregivers save the government (and the taxpayer that supports government programs) significantly; should a program of compensation to families be created that would se

Operations improvement plan based on the real-world

Build an operations improvement plan (OIP) based on the real-world example of the Toyota Motor Corporation's recent product failure crisis. Based on strategic, structural, and


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