Burning coal to generate electricity can create pollution

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Burning coal to generate electricity can create pollution. If the market for generating electricity is competitive and is allowed to operate without any government intervention, is the equilibrium quantity of coal burned equal to, more than, or less than the efficient quantity?

Reference no: EM13796832

Largest source of government revenue

"In the last 5 years the largest source of government revenue has been from individuals and the largest single category of federal government spending has been on individuals.

Represent pareto improvements over the initial allocation

Consider a small barter economy with only two individuals, John and Mark. John’s preferences for the two available goods (x and z) are given by. Draw the Edgeworth box for thi

Managements attitude and approach toward unions

Since the 1970s, we have seen a shift in management’s attitude and approach toward unions. For this discussion, we will examine why this shift occurred and its implications fo

Rehabilitation crime and criminal behavior

For years, local and state agencies, as well as the federal government, have struggled with what should be done with those offenders who have been sentenced to prison for viol

Health economics consultant for major political campaign

You are a health economics consultant for a major political campaign. Your client notes recent research that individuals in worse health tend to live further from health facil

Annual interest rate-what is the net present value

Your company is considering a new project -- buying a new truck to make some new deliveries. The deliveries will be worth $80,000 each year, for 8 years. The truck will cost $

Product different from those that shift the supply of labor

Why are the factors that shift the demand for a product different from the factors that shift the demand for labor? Why are the factors that shift supply of product different

Determine the rate of return of on investment

Determine the rate of return of on investment in this machine. Express the answer as an integer. For example, enter 10 for 10%. (Hint, this problem can be solved from the Co


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