Bureaucracy is not dead or dying

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Bureaucracy is not dead or dying - both bureaucratic and anti-bureaucratic forms of organisation continue to co-exist, and both have strengths and weaknesses even under current circumstances" (adapted from Storey and Salaman, 2009)

The topic requires consideration of the literature on the advantages and disadvantages of bureaucratic and anti-bureaucratic organisational forms.

The topic requires analysis of company or organisational data, either from your own company/organisation or from published sources.

The tonic rermiras a comnarison of practice across companies/organisations.

The topic requires an analysis of company/organisational practice in light of 'best practice' recommendations in the relevant literature.

You may draw on a variety of sources for information/data, including documents e.g. company reports, vision statements, strategic plans, human resource plans, advertisements, job descriptions participant observation e.g. what you observe/have experienced in your own organisations company employee surveys any relevant national surveys by government, academics, employers' organisations, employees organisations or other reputable organisations interviews with leaders, managers, colleagues articles in reputable newspapers or business publications

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Reference no: EM13674955

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