Bulleted activity report sent by e-mail to the supervisor
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Organizing Data (Obj. 3)

Your Task. In groups of three to five, discuss how the findings in the following reports could be best organized. Consider these methods: time, component, importance, criteria, and convention.

a. A weekly bulleted activity report sent by e-mail to the supervisor.

b. An agenda previewing a week-long management retreat and train- ing program.

c. A report comparing the benefits of buying or leasing a fleet of hybrid vehicles. The report presents data on depreciation,

upfront cost, maintenance, emissions, fuel consumption, and other factors.

d. A report describing the history of the development of dwarf and spur apple trees, starting with the first genetic dwarfs discovered about 100 years ago and progressing to today's grafted varieties on dwarfing rootstocks.

e. A report comparing the sales volume among the largest fast-food outlets in the United States.

f. A recommendation report to be submitted to management pre- senting four building plans to improve access to your building, in compliance with federal regulations. The plans range considerably in feasibility and cost.

g. An informational report describing a company's expansion plans in South America, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

h. An employee performance appraisal submitted annually.

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