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Throughout the course you have been building your personal Career Portfolio. Each Lesson has provided you with resources that you have been using to add to the content of your Portfolio.

The goal of this assignment, which is worth 35% of your final grade, is to assist you in applying the information that you have been collecting in your Career Portfolio and to direct it towards your job search strategy.

The assignment will include the following components:
- Job search strategy (includes a sector report, self-assessment, and references)
- Research Summary (includes research summary, log, contact information, list and description of key job sites)
- Career Plan (includes SMART goals, resume and cover letter)

This assignment is about you and your career goals. As such, the assignment needs to be an authentic reflection and representation of your work and aspirations. Hopefully it will guide you to getting a job in the field of HR.

Part 1: Job Search Strategy

For the first part of the assignment, you will need to identify a sector in which you want to practice human resources. For example, the sector could be private or public, in the health industry, in education or High Tech, profit or not-for-profit or whatever interests you.

You will need to provide a rationale of why you chose the sector and complete a comprehensive sector report. You have been exposed to all the source websites and references that you need in order to complete this sector analysis.

1.) Your Sector analysis must include such items as:
- how many employers are in the sector
- are you looking nationally or locally
- how many HR positions are available
- is the sector currently growing or shrinking
- an analysis of the facts and figures that you have found e.g. trends within the sector, impact of technology on the sector.

2.) The Lesson notes have provided you with a considerable number of self-assessment instruments and tools, which you are encouraged to use to identify your strengths and areas you would like to reinforce.

A summary of your self-assessment research findings must be included and a review of how you plan to apply your self-assessment information to your job search strategy. Of particular interest would be any insights that you have gained as a result of using the self-assessment instruments and how those insights will assist you in implementing your job search.

3.) You will also need to identify networks you currently belong to and illustrate how networks can be useful in your job search. A network could be a professional organization you belong to, a hobby group or alumni from another school. Please also include the contact information for three references. These

can be current or previous employers, professors, or anyone who you have dealt with in a professional capacity.

Part 2: Research Summary

For the second part of the assignment, you will be responsible for researching three organizations that are in the area you are interested in working in. You will responsible for contacting at least one person in each of these organizations that are responsible for hiring and HR activities. You will need to submit a log and summary of your research, including a list of people you have contacted and what you discussed, along with their contact information.

In addition, you will also need to research and analyze key job search sites related to Human
Resource jobs. It is not sufficient just to provide a link to the job search site. What is being looked for is your analysis of the site e.g. what are the features of the site, what information the site provides, what information is missing that would be helpful for you, how it applies to your job search.

From these job search sites, you will need to select three posted jobs, two which you would be interested in now and one dream job. Please remember to keep them HR related. Provide an analysis of what drew you to these jobs. Also, list any KSA's which you will need to acquire to get your future jobs.

Part 3: Building a Career Plan

For the last part of the assignment you will create a career plan, resume, and cover letter.

1.) For the career plan, you will need to identify short, medium and long term goals. Throughout the course reference has been made to the SMART model of goal setting. Your goals should follow SMART criteria and all need concrete "by when" dates. For example: I will be the HR Director at a small hi-tech organization by March 2016.

2.) The last two pieces include a resume and cover letter. You have learned different models and formats of resumes and cover letters on the course, so the purpose of this part of the assignment is for you to apply what you have learned.

In addition to presenting a resume and cover letter, the expectation is that you will also provide an analysis of both documents. You will describe what type of resume you have created and provide a rationale for your choice. As an example, I have chosen to develop a functional-style resume as I need to emphasize my skills rather than simply listing where I worked. I have done a series of contract jobs with various skill sets required.

Your cover letter should be geared to one of the job postings you have selected.

Please add a title page and an APA style bibliography to your assignment. You will find APA guidelines on the course assignment page.

The assignment will need to be submitted using the Assignment tool by the date and time specified on the weekly course calendar.

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Reference no: EM131449430

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