Building the right organisational culture

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Description: Building the right organisational culture.
The organisation’s culture is often described as the personality of an organisation.  It is a key factor in achieving organisational goals, in attracting and keeping desirable employees, creating a positive public image, and building relationships with stakeholders.

You need to explore the role the organisational culture plays in achieving organisational objectives. You need to include a discussion on why it is important, and how to change an established culture so that it is better aligned with achieving the desire organisational outcomes. 

Essay should consider the following:
•        Define the concept of organisational culture.
•        Discuss the contributors to organisational culture.
•        Discuss the link between the organisation’s culture and its capacity to meet its objectives.
•        Discuss the link between various organisational elements (e.g., structure and strategy) and the organisation’s culture.
•        Discuss the reasons why organisational culture has become so important in modern organisations.
•        Explore different types of culture and their advantages and disadvantages to organisational effectiveness Discuss the ways organisations can introduce practices into their organisation to build the organisational culture they desire.

The Essay requires:

•         A thorough research and treatment of the contemporary literature in the topic area.
•         A range of references that should demonstrate breadth and depth of research.
•         The incorporation of personal/organisational examples as illustrative evidence.
•         An ability to utilise the wider literature in constructing the narrative is displayed throughout.
•         A display of critical evaluation and diagnostic skills in the choice of the data included.
•         A display of critical evaluation in the choice of the information sources used.
•         Appropriate and accurate use of the Harvard Referencing System.

Use a minimum of 15 references:

•         Text books: The prescribed text and at least 5 other text books
•         5 different academic journal articles
•         1 other source of your choice: Blog, newspaper, magazine or other Internet source
•         No more than 1 reference may be general Internet based sources.
•         Wikipedia is not to be used and does not count as an academic reference.

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Reference no: EM138898

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