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In the UK, a 'Design Report' is a document submitted to a local council in support of a Planning Application. It explains the concepts behind a building proposal to the planning authorities, making reference to any pertinent factors that are considered to be material considerations by the Planning Authority.

Prepare a Design Report of a project you have practical experience. Through discussion with colleagues, or independent research, identify what material considerations informed the design, and show how these are resolved by the design. Illustrate the report with relevant drawings, diagrams and visualisations (it may be necessary to produce new diagrams). The report should not be too long: a 2-4 page A3 format document with a maximum 1000 word count is recommended.

If you do not find employment in an architect's office, report on a project that you can visit, and/or perhaps interview the project architect.

Local councils offer a range of guidance and advice specifying the 'material considerations' to be satisfied when granting planning permission. Design quality is one such consideration, and the Design Report is principally a means to present the quality of a given design. NB: A Design Report does NOT need to list all the statutory requirements that a building proposal is subject to. However, the report should be a clear, simple statement that explains both the client-driven and statutory requirements, illustrating how the design satisfies them.

The assessment criteria for this assignment is based on the Learning Outcomes in relation to the specific themes and topics. With regard the this assignment, students should endeavour to demonstrate:

• Awareness of what constitutes a 'material considerations' in Planning Applications.

• Understanding of how a specific design responds to client's demands and planning requirements.

• Clarity and quality of written and visual communication

Country: United Kingdom

Please Specify Your Study City:Edinburgh

Word Count:1000 WORDS

Referencing Style:Chicago Style

Number of References:1~5

Reference no: EM131006448

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