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Read 2 journal articles on the topic of "Building, measuring and managing brands" that you can look for in the Internet.

1. Prepare a 2-page paper. Consider that successfully building a strong brand requires careful planning, clever marketing, relevant positioning and differentiation, and a thorough understanding of competition. Your paper must provide a brief summary of the articles. Also explain in a final paragraph how they relate and what they add to the course material.

2. Place the complete references (title, author, source, etc.) for the journal articles you read at the end of your work.

3. Post your reviews directly on the Discussions section. Don't use attachments!

4. Read your classmates' reviews. Post one comprehensive reaction making specific reference to as many of your classmates' reviews as possible (at least 5!). They may provide valuable information for your marketing plan.

Reference no: EM131038635

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