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Communication and Critical Thinking - Building Blocks to information Literacy

1. In two or three sentences, please summarize what you have learned about information literacy so far in your earlier courses and in this seminar.

2. Then explain how information literacy is a set of skills that builds or relies upon an expansion of communication and critical thinking skills. In other words, why are communication and critical thinking concepts needed for good information literacy? For example, if good information literacy includes the ability to integrate materials from external sources into a persuasive paper that you are writing to an audience, how does good communication enhance that? Or for critical thinking, how does the ability to compare and contrast competing ideas lead to better information literacy?

3. Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least one other student's post by the end of the week. As you read the other posts, you may want to look for postings to respond to that propose an especially interesting application of these ideas.

Student comment:

Information literacy is being able to locate, evaluate and use information efficiently and accurately. I took a class called Locating and Evaluating information. I learned how to narrow search terms, apply correct APA formatting for each, scholarly journals, books, magazines and articles, and how to effectively use the Rasmussen data bases. It was a great class and I am able to utilize what I learned all the time in my recent classes. Obtaining credible information is important, especially when communicating found information through a paper, powerpoint or speech. Knowing that the information I am using is accurate helps me to confidently display it in my assignments.

Reference no: EM131118422

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