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Building a Wiki of HR Knowledge and Practice

Look back over the applications you have completed. Which experiences have most affected your professional practice and principles? How can the theories and concepts explored in this course relate to your development within the HR field? Wikis are resources that are growing in popularity and usefulness to members of numerous professional communities. They offer a place for a diverse set of individuals to consolidate knowledge distilled from their professional experience. For this week's Application, you will reflect on the topics covered in this course and your own experiences in order to develop three short articles that would make a valuable contribution to a hypothetical wiki for HR professionals, select three topics relevant to HR practitioners and imagine that you are developing a wiki article describing each; each wiki entry should be approximately 1 page in length.

Examples of topics you might write about include fostering productivity in virtual teams, specific compensation or benefits strategies, or dealing with conflict in different types of workplaces. When writing your articles, be sure to keep in mind that this wiki is intended as a body of knowledge that will be useful to scholar-practitioners such as yourself. Be sure to highlight practical applications and implementations of the topic and to describe both the benefits and challenges of this application.

Here are some resources

  • Brown, P. (2010). The power of HR outsourcing. Strategic HR Review, 9(6). 27-32. Retrieved from

This article looks at the practicality of outsourcing the human resources function within an organization, focusing on certain disciplines within human resources that might be best served if supplied by a third party.

  • Caldwell, C., Truong, D., Linh, P., & Tuan, A. (2011). Strategic human resource management as ethical stewardship. Journal of Business Ethics, 98(1), 171-182.

Strategic Human Resource Management as Ethical Stewardship. Journal of Business Ethics, 98, 1 by Do X Truong; Do X Truong; Pham T Linh; Anh Tuan. Copyright 2011 by Kluwer Academic Publishers - Dordrecht. Used by permission of Kluwer Academic Publishers - Dordrecht via the Copyright Clearance Center.

Reference no: EM131423610

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