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Imagine you are building a camp fire and have gathered some large sticks (2-3 inches in diameter) that are too long for the fire and you need to break them into shorter lengths. If you do NOT have an axe or a saw, what would be a way to more efficiently break the wood - specifically think about enzymes and how they work, how could you act like an enzyme? Make sure you explanation relates breaking to wood to how an enzyme works (use the supplemental notes in the chapter module to help you).

Reference no: EM132280454

Create cells that contain inactivating mutation

Two protein kinases, PK1 and PK2, work sequentially in intracellular signaling pathway. You construct cells that contain inactivating mutations in the genes that encode either

Hole surgery for biopsy of an intracranial lesion

Amy underwent burr hole surgery for biopsy of an intracranial lesion. The surgeon, Dr. Stanley, had to perform an abscess drainage of a cyst that was found during the proce

Diagram the cross and show gametes produced by parent

Genes a and b are 20 cM apart. An a+b+/a+b+ individual was mated with an ab/ab individual. diagram the cross and show the gametes produced by each parent and the genotype of t

Define antigen and chemical characteristics of antigens

The definition of antigen and the chemical characteristics of antigens, The definition of antigen and the chemical characteristics of antigens, haptens and how they become ant

Determining if peanut butter is carcinogenic

Explain the experiments, their expected results, and your conclusions. You may suppose that you have an unlimited budget and an Institutional Review Board with very strict g

Genetic symbols to show the parental and progeny genotypes

A cross between several female fruit flies with notched wings andseveral wildtype male flies produced the following offspring: 118 wildtype females; 110 femaleswith notched

Compare and contrast fluid flow

Using Starlings law describing capillary fluid flow, do you think there will likely be a net filtration or absorption or a net flow of zero across the peritubular capillarie

How is amylase activity slowed at non-ptimal pH

how is amylase activity slowed at non-ptimal pH? lets suppose their are 2000 glucose molecules in aparticular starch molecule, how many maltose molecules will beproduced if


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