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Imagine you are building a camp fire and have gathered some large sticks (2-3 inches in diameter) that are too long for the fire and you need to break them into shorter lengths. If you do NOT have an axe or a saw, what would be a way to more efficiently break the wood - specifically think about enzymes and how they work, how could you act like an enzyme? Make sure you explanation relates breaking to wood to how an enzyme works (use the supplemental notes in the chapter module to help you).

Reference no: EM132280454

Question about biochem

William Astbury discovered that the x-ray diffraction pattern of wool demonstrate a repeating structural unit spaced about 5.2 Å along the length of the wool fiber.

What is probability that their next child will be a daughter

What are the chances that a family with three children will have three daughters? After a family has two daughters, what is the probability that their next child will be a d

Broad sense heritability

If a trait had a broad-sense heritability of 1, what would it mean? 0.5? 0? What type of traits has a broad-sense heritability of 1? What type of traits has a heritability of

Explain which parts of photosynthesis

You buy a new house and the front yard has some really nice rose bushes, but they are surrounded by lots of weeds!  You don't really want to try and dig them out by hand and y

What proportion of the purple-flowered progeny will breed

In the jimsonweed plant, purple flowers are dominant to white. Self-fertilization of a particular purple-flowered jimsonweed produces 28 purple-flowered and 10 white-flowere

Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex takesacetyl-dihydrolipoamide

Enzyme 2 of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex takesacetyl-dihydrolipoamide (bound to the enzyme) and CoA to makeacety-coA and dihydrolipoamide (bound to the enzyme). Acetyl

Question about myasthenia gravis disease

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease affecting the neuromuscular junction. In myasthenia gravis, weakness occurs when the nerve impulse to initiate or sustain movement d

How the information stored in dna

At the startingof the spring, Dr. Peter Erlenmeyer notices that there is an equal distribution of long and short stemmed dandelions in the vacant lot across the street from hi


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