Budgeted purchases for the fourth quarter-forecast sales

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Barrett's Fashions forecast sales of $125,000 for the quarter ended December 31. Its gross profit rate is 20% of sales, and its September 30 inventory is $32,500. If the December 31 inventory is targeted at $41,500, budgeted purchases for the fourth quarter should be:

A. $134,000

B. $109,000

C. $91,500

D. $25,000

E. $91,000

Reference no: EM13152062

Gatrong to record the purchase of the bonds

Refer to the information in RE15 5. Prepare the journal entry on June 30 for Gatrong to record the first interest receipt, using the effective interest method. Round to the ne

The condition of the foreign markets are all examples

War, inflation, and the condition of the foreign markets are all examples of ________.a. unsystematic risk.b. non diversifiable risk.c. business specific risk.d. internal risk

What would be the life-cycle income for product a

Moore Development Company developed the following budgeted life-cycle income statement for two proposed products. Each product's life cycle is expected to be two years. A 12

Company first-year net income

How much higher (or lower) would the company's first-year net income have been if absorption costing had been used rather than variable costing? Show computations.

Calculate the operating profit for one month

Discuss the following issues that Ishtar Ltd will have to consider in making the decision whether to accept or reject Julius' proposal to import the coffee beans from Kenya

Determine the fees billed to customers on account

On October 1, theaccounts receivable account balance was $115,800. During October, $449,600 was collected from customers on account. Assuming the October 31 balance was $130

Total present value of payments

Calculate the total present value of these payments if the interest rate is 5% compounded annually.

Production cost accounting-weighted average method

Maple, Inc. manufactures syrup that goes through three processing stages prior to completion.  Information on work in the first department, blending, is given below for Augu


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