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Evaluate Nike’s decision to move away from the use of traditional mass-media advertising and focus more of its marketing budget on digital media. Do you agree with this decision or do you think Nike should be allocating more of its IMC budget to traditional media advertising?

Reference no: EM13993420

Organizations strive for continuous improvement

Organizations strive for continuous improvement. Benchmarking helps an organization understand the best practices within their industry. An operations manager stated, “Benchma

What volume of output will two sites yield monthly profit

A retired auto mechanic hopes to open a rust proofing shop. Customers would be local new-car dealers. Two locations are being considered, one in the center of the city and one

Install new electrical outlets and light fixtures

Building a Baseline Assume that you are the project manager for the construction of 10 conference facilities in your organization’s building in Florida. A statement of work ha

Explain how the business marketing executives

Using this outline: explain how the business marketing executives who work on planning, implementation and control of the industrial marketing mix elements (4P's - product, pr

What determines the preference for private transport

“In terms of the percentage of all daily trips (all purposes) that are catered for by private transport U.S., ANZ, and Canadian cities (79-89 percent) head the list. Explain w

This will require a rethink on wealth distribution

Work: 70 80% of jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. There will be a lot of new jobs, but it is not clear if there will be enough new jobs in such a short time. This will

What are the advantages of using for you chose for hiring

In the near future, your company will be expanding its customer service department and you will be hiring 50 new employees. As HR manager, you have read about other companie

Explain what a surety looks for in construction companyan

Why should construction organizations go through the effort of doing projections and budgets? Explain the concept of sustainable competitive advantage and why it is important.


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