Budget constraint and monthly reservations wage

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1. Suppose that yi receives $ 60 per day as interest on inheritance and her wage is $25 per hour, and she can work a maximum of 16 hours per day at her job. draw her daily budget constraint.

2. Suppose that a new bridge opens in the east bay, and min's daily commute is reduced by one hour. if Min can chose how many hours she works per week, and if both leisure and income are normal goods, then what is the effect of the shorter commute on Min's work time?

3. Suppose that Mari was injured in an accident and after the lawsuit she gets paid $3,000 per month. if her utility function is U(C,L)=C*L, and if she gets paid the settlement whether or not she works, then what is her monthly reservations wage? assume that she can take at most 720 hours of leisure per month.

Reference no: EM1311660

What the game theory looks like without the law

A law was passed requiring a minimum weight for fashion models. Using game theory 2X2 matrix, show how the law prevents a prisoner's dilemma and makes the models better off. S

Name the two sensors used in application

Name the two sensors used in this application .Sensor ASensor B [2] (b) Describe how the sensors and the microprocessor are used to maintain the correctconditions in the fis

What if any country was taken over by dictator diana

What if you lived on a tropical island with such abundant fish and game, fruits and berries, natural shelters like caves, and firewood that the citizens did not have to work

Constructor that accepts the string str

Write a class called FileOperations that accepts a string value in a variable called str which represents the name of a text file residing on an external storage device. Pro

A new production technology for making vitamins is invented

A new production technology for making vitamins is invented by a college professor who decides not to patent it. Thus, it is available for anybody to copy and put into use.

Difference between the efficiency of a tax system

Analyze the difference between the efficiency of a tax system and the equity of a tax system as it refers to the costs imposed on taxpayers using the benefits principles.

What is the cpi

Suppose the Australian economy has only three goods, and the typical family purchases the amounts given in the following table. If 1999 is the base year, then what is the CP

Explain what would likely happen to w r and y

Suppose Canada annexes Greenland. Within the perfect markets framework discussed in Ch.3, explain what would likely happen to w, R, and Y. State any assumptions you make.


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