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Almost every day Sally took a break at lunch and went to the International News Stand—a magazine store—to browse the newspapers and magazines and chat with the owner, Conrad. Often she bought a magazine. One day she went there, browsed a bit, and took a magazine off the rack. Conrad was busy with three customers. Sally waved the magazine at Conrad and left the store with it. What kind of a contract, if any, was created?

Reference no: EM131442307

Innovative technology in production to increase efficiency

The toy industry is very fickle and innovation is critical. Sales for January 2017 showed only a 3% rise over January 2016 leaving the company managers concerned about meeting

Which of these is actually the naive method

A company has used three different methods to forecast sales for the past five months. Use MAD and MSE to evaluate the performance of the three methods. Which of these is actu

Identify the competitive advantage of each of these firms

Identify service firms that compete on each of the four processes (process, repetitive, product, mass customization). And identify the competitive advantage of each of these f

Compare the three forecasts using MAD

Burger Lover Restaurant forecasts weekly sales of cheeseburgers. Week Cheeseburger Sales 1 357 2 343 3 363 4 320 5 359 Based on historical observations over the past five week

Elaboration likelihood model

Petty and Cacioppo’s Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) provides a useful explanation of how persuasion operates. Locate an advertisement that is an example of the ELM Model.

What did you find challenging in completing the scenario

Choose a solution and in one paragraph make a clear and specific recommendation based on the readings in the class so far. In a second paragraph, describe how the company ca

How are they relate to maintaining proper level of inventory

To be considered substantive, your reply should add significantly to the discussion by building on others' comments, pointing out similarities or differences in your backgro

Write a paper addressing the organizational structure

Every project must have a project executive, management, and identified team roles. Once the roles are determined, a time line must be established, and key stakeholders and


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