Briefly present the facts of the controversy

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In a 250 word brief essay research the recent Volkswagon diesel emissions scandal, briefly present the facts of the controversy, then explain why you believe the actions taken by the government to protect the environment have been adequate or lacking so far.

Reference no: EM13966229

Optimal order quantity using the fixed-order-quantity model

If annual demand is 34,560 units, the ordering cost is $48 per order, and the holding cost is $0.65per unit per year, which of the following is the optimal order quantity usin

How does price allocate goods and services

If a firm can increase its total revenue by raising the price, shouldn't it do so? Explain your answer. How does price allocate goods and services?  Why is it important for ma

Different types of inter-organizational relationships

According to Daft, in Organization Theory and Design 12 Ed., Describe the different types of inter-organizational relationships for modern organizations. Explain the resources

Disadvantages to brands participating in social media

Do you see any disadvantages to brands participating in social media? How does marketing affect the way you interact with social media? Give specific examples of three platfor

What are the advantages of radio advertising

Discuss the reasons why new brands with a smaller market share spend proportionately more on advertising than brands with a larger market share. What is an advertising appeal?

What are your failures and how have you learned from them

Answer the following interview questions. What would you want to do 5 years from now? Tell me something that you have done in your life which you are particularly proud of. Wh

What is stress and what are stressors

What is stress? What are stressors? Can stress be good? Describe the difference between a Type A and Type B personality? Which are you? Which would you prefer to manage? Why?

Business is worth more than the price of its stock

Jorge makes the comment that a "business is worth more than the price of its stock. 'He is of course referring to the family values and social value of the firm.(Ignore this).


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