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Unit Reflection 1

Reflect on the topics from readings and activities the past two weeks and identify 3 key point(s) will you take away from this content. Think about key topics as things you are likely to remember and use as you progress through your studies and careers.

For each of the topics you identify, complete the following:

1) briefly explain what it is  & why it is important (use 3-3.5 sentences to do this)

2) fully explain how it relates (use 7-9 sentences to do this)- be sure to provide enough explanation that I can comprehend your reflection and application.

  • In order to receive full credit, you must provide an answer of substance that is related to the topic(s) of the week and demonstrates your reflection of the material and application of it to your personal and professional life.
  • I evaluate your responses using the following criteria: 1) thorough completion of required tasks; 2) comprehension & critical understanding; & 3) professionalism.
  • Thus in order to receive a full 50 points, you must (a) cover a minimum of 3 topics from the week, provide (b) reflection of each topic AND (c) apply each topic to your personal or professional experience (or current topics from the news). You must also accomplish this with minimum grammar/spelling/typographical errors. I am looking for substance in your weekly takeaways, as well as reflection, application, and professionalism. 

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