Briefly explain the role of distribution in the firm

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Report about Mcdonalds I want main points with explanation

Distribution Management

1. Briefly explain the role of distribution in the firm.

2. Discuss the strategic distribution decisions that have/ had to be made in the firm.

3. Explain materials handling techniques in the firm and provide some examples. Do an Internet search and provide some photos or illustrations of materials handling equipment of the firm.

4. Explain the use of packaging in the firm.

Supply Chain Relationships and Outsourcing

1. Refer to the course material and provide some examples of supply chain relationships within the firm.

2. Do supply chain relationships mean anything in the supply chain or does the firm with the most power manage everything to its benefit? Explain.

3. Does the firm use outsourcing? Provide examples. What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing?

Supply Chain Performance Measurement

1. Provide examples of some of the performance metrics that the firm uses.

2. How can a firm measure supply chain performance. Discuss these measures in detail and provide examples for the firm.

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Reference no: EM13894386

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