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You are the chief marketing consultant for your company's brand. Your goal is to help the company create an updated marketing plan by learning to apply the marketing process to communicate how great the company's brand is to its current and potential customers in the marketplace and market space.

One of the first steps of the marketing plan is to understand the business goals of the project.

Your client has asked you to draft the goals of the marketing plan by suggesting how to use the marketing mix-the 4 Ps of marketing-to help create a marketing proposal to help reposition the brand in the marketplace. The client wants a brief report presentation to help brainstorm the interaction of the 4 marketing Ps and other ideas with the company's marketing team.

Write a proposal brief showing the goals of the marketing project by illustrating one objective for each marketing P. The brief should include the following sections:

Product Overview

Briefly explain the company and brand. Add a picture of the brand.

Give an overview of the brand and its current position or perception by customers in the marketplace. For example, do customers seem to think the brand is too expensive compared to its competitors?

Identify 1 competitor of this brand and provide a reason why they are a competitor to your client's brand. Add a picture of the competitor brand.

Product Objective

Draft 1 objective for the marketing proposal to show how product can be applied to your brand. For example, include a statement about the features of the product and the benefits of those features for the customer, or a new product satisfaction guarantee policy.

Reference no: EM13723441

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