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1. Briefly explain pricing strategy in marketing and explain the following pricing strategies with examples

(i) Cost - based pricing (ii) Competition based pricing (iii) Value- based pricing .

2. Write Shorts notes on the following pricing strategies (i) Everyday low pricing (ii) high /low pricing (iii) New product pricing strategies .

3. Explain the following Pricing Tactics Aimed at Consumers (i) mark downs (ii) Quantity discount for consumers (iii) Seasonal discount (iv) Coupons (v) leader pricing

4. Explain the following business pricing Tactics and discount (i) Seasonal Discount (ii) Cash discount (iii) Allowances (v) Quantity

5. Explain the following legal & Ethical Aspects of Pricing (i) Descriptive or illegal price advertising (ii) predatory pricing (iii) price discrimination (iv) pricing fixing

6. Briefly explain how pricing strategies is very important tool to the marketer.

Reference no: EM132234520

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