Briefly describe your project or the project scenario

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Question: Deciding on a Project

In preparation for the first assignment in Unit 3 (Getting Commitment and Buy-In), begin thinking about a workplace project you would like to use in this course for the development of a Project Management Plan (Unit 9 assignment). This may be an actual workplace project or a project scenario that you create. In either case, the project should involve a new service line or capital equipment.

• Briefly describe your project or the project scenario.

• Explain the changes and benefits that you expect to see as a result of implementing this project.

• Describe the leadership skills necessary for successful completion of the project.

• Which leaderships skills in particular does your workplace (or this project) need to pay attention to, and why?

Additional Requirements: Your initial post should be succinct, and demonstrate clarity of thought and precision in writing.

• Use examples of personal and professional experience to add perspective to your post.

• Practice academic writing-support your post with at least one evidence-based scholarly reference using APA style and formatting.

Response Guidelines

Review your classmates' postings, and respond to your peers according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines, using the following elements as a guide for your response:

• Engage Your Peer. Tell them specifically why you chose to respond to their post.

• Seek and Offer Clarification. Talk about what isn't clear (ask questions, offer suggestions and resources).

• Add Perspective. Include personal examples or work experiences that add a perspective on your reply.

• Be a Reflective Practitioner. Think about your own thinking. What assumptions did you both bring into this discussion? What information are you missing? What are the implications of a suggested action?

• Write like a Scholar. Support your statements with at least one scholarly source. Use current APA style and formatting appropriate to the type of reference you provide.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

• Discuss the benefits and outcomes of a workplace project.

• Practice using the various stages of writing by creating drafts and receiving peer feedback prior to submitting a final document.

• Understand how the project objectives align with the organization's overall strategy

• Know the skills and capabilities of team members

Reference no: EM132279687

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