Briefly describe the organizations'' use of innovation

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Surf the web to find a training and development organization that is future-oriented (some suggested search terms include: "innovation in training and development" or "new technologies for training and development").

Briefly describe the organizations' use of innovation and technology in the training discipline. How well do they appear to meet expectations for where the field of training and development are going in the future, based on what you have learned from this course? What future trend are they missing?

Reference no: EM13918664

Discuss relationship between creativity, intrapreneurship

Discuss the relationship between creativity, intrapreneurship, and innovation. Additionally, discuss why these elements are vital to building a knowledge creating organizati

Discuss the organizational restructuring strategies

Analyze and discuss the organizational restructuring strategies, such as rightsizing, verticalization, networking, delayering, and virtual teams, that one believes would be

What strategies developed to create a culture for innovation

Consider a company you work for, have worked for, or are familiar with. How would the company benefit from skunk works? What goals would the skunk works team have at this co

What are the hallmarks of strategic innovation

What are the hallmarks of strategic innovation? How important are organizational features in encouraging or stifling innovation? You should present evidence for your views d

Which stage in strategic-management process is difficult

According to James Van Horne, what are the three decisions that comprise the functions of finance? Describe each function, and identify the role of each function in strategi

Description of the product or service that will be provided

How could my firm succeed in foreign markets by applying any of the global strategies? Select a country or countries (or a region) to focus on and explain why that market wo

How is the explosion of information technology

How is the explosion of information technology and the way in which its advances in global communications affect strategic operational management functions? Provide thoughts

What strategies will use to get share of this business area

Recognizing that there is another company repair company in your area that is doing well, you decide to go into this business as well. What strategies will you use to get a


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