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1) Describe the phases of clinical studies. For is a main goal achieved at the end?

2) Present the most important elements contained in prescription.

3) Give examples of instructions, such as four times a day, at bedtime, after meals and one-half.

4) Briefly describe the most requirements for controlled substances prescription.

5) Present briefly the principles of gene transfer. Compare transcription process to translation.

6) What are main prerequisites for human gene therapy?

7) Describe the use plasmid as a vehicle for gene transfer.

8) Present the most recent gene therapy trials. Why some of these studies have been placed on hold by FDA?

9) Identify the differences between major categories of immunosuppressive and immunostimulatory drugs.

10) Give definition and the explanation of the action of "Biologicals".

11) Describe the major effects related to immunostimulatory drugs usage in clinic.

12) What are side effects most common to immunosuppressive therapy? Why there is a high risk of lymphoproliferative diseases?

13) Give your opinion why herbal medicine is the most commonly used form of alternative medicine.

14) What are major effects of antioxidants?

15) Describe the major challenges created by herbal medicines in order to identify their mechanisms of action.

16) Contrast the usage of herbal medicine versus alternative medicine.

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Reference no: EM13669806

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