Briefly describe the five different types of society

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Briefly describe the five different types of society, using the text. Would you prefer to grow up in a hunting and gathering society, a horticultural society, a pastoral society, or an early industrial society if forced to choose? Why? Discuss the following questions: If you were born into that particular society, what would you be doing with most of your time? Materially, would you be better off or worse off than you are today? How about emotionally? Spiritually? If you had the same genes, in what ways, if any, would growing up in that society make you a different person than you currently are? Would you think the same way? Would you think about the same things? Are there any parts of your current identity that, no matter in which society you were raised, would not be any different?Paste a snippet of question here.

Reference no: EM13879667

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